Wild Bird Food

Denmead Poultry stock a wide range of wild bird feed and treats including seed mixes, peanuts, suet pellets, fat balls and mealworms etc.

We stock a wide range of wild bird feed & treats. Denmead Poultry - Hampshire UKWe also supply a range of bird feeders suited to the many different types of feed available. Many people who feed the wild birds are now feeding particular seeds & treats to attract specific breeds of wild birds to their gardens.

Watching the wild birds feeding in your garden is a very peaceful and calming way to pass some time and it is surprising that after just a few short weeks of placing a wild bird feeder in your garden, not only will the birds visit your garden regularly, they will use your garden as a food source that they can rely on.

This means that it is very important to the birds that you refill the feeder regularly and certainly do not stop feeding them in the winter months.

Indeed some wild birds rely so heavily on feed that is available to them from our garden feeders, that if the food was to stop being given in winter it could cause the regular bird visitors to struggle to find feed.

Denmead Poultry is located on the outskirts of the beautiful village of Denmead in Hampshire, within easy reach of many local towns and villages and only a short distance from the A3 and M27.

Logs are also available for those of you with open fires or wood burning stoves. Local delivery is available for all firewood & Logs.

We also keep and supply bees from our Apiary along with natural honey “straight from the hive” which is available seasonally.