Laying Hens For Sale

Denmead Poultry supply “point of lay” hens from spring through to the end of autumn. All of our “point of lay” hens are fully vaccinated and wormed.  

Many of our hens will lay between 265 – 300 eggs in their first laying year, some of these include; Bluebelles, Sussex Stars, Rhode Rocks, Speckled Hens, Light Sussex Columbian Black Tails, Amber Stars & Sussex Rocks etc.

For customers who want a lot of eggs from their hens it would be hard to find a better laying chicken than the hybrid “types”, over many years these chickens have been successfully bred to produce high numbers of eggs without losing their hardiness and vitality. These hens are very hardy and can become very tame and docile if you interact with them regularly.

Denmead Poultry also breed “pedigree” chickens, over recent seasons these have included Buff Orpingtons, Polish Frizzles, Silver Sussex, Light Sussex, & Silkies etc.

Pure breed chickens tend to lay less eggs per year compared with hybrid hens, but they generally live longer. Most breeds are perfectly hardy to our British weather, but there are a few that need a little extra attention than standard chickens as they can be more sensitive to our climate.

Alongside our laying hens we also stock all of their feed requirements & accessories.

Logs are also available for those of you with open fires or wood burning stoves. Local delivery is available for all firewood & Logs.

We also keep and supply bees from our Apiary along with natural honey “straight from the hive” which is available seasonally.