Farm Fresh Hens Eggs

At Denmead Poultry we only sell fresh free range eggs. 

Our free range hens are subject to a strict monitoring and vaccination programme. Our free range eggs are available in a range of sizes and are supplied in half dozens, or a tray of 30 eggs.

Our hens are not caged or kept indoors during daylight hours. This way they eat a healthier, more varied & natural diet than their unfortunate battery cousins. They play in the sun, forage all day and are not de-beaked at all. This allows them to behave just like chickens should.

Our customers tell us that having a fresh free range egg is far tastier and is superior quality when compared to shop bought eggs. Many of them NEVER buy eggs from the supermarket because of the unknown welfare conditions of the hens that produced the eggs and also the age of the egg when it finally gets to the supermarket shelves ready to be sold.

Slick wording and marketing also makes it difficult to tell what sort of laying system is used, there are many “types” of laying system, for example, battery, barn, caged, not from caged hens etc etc. But be aware that many of the descriptions can be misleading. Just because an egg box states “not from caged hens” it does not automatically mean the hens are free range, it could be that they are housed in barns that are so full of hens that there really is not enough space and the chickens are very cramped.

This can lead to all sorts of problems and stresses for the chickens, many will have their feathers plucked, get injured from fighting, some will be constantly bullied and transmission of parasites and diseases is far to easy. So many of these problems can be resolved just by giving the flock of chickens plenty of space to forage outside.

Denmead Poultry consider keeping chickens in crowded, cramped conditions or in battery cages absolutely unnecessary in this day and age and should be banned as soon as possible.

Point of Lay Hens will be available from Mid – March onwards. All our point of Lay Hens are fully vaccinated and wormed.

Logs are also available for those of you with open fires or wood burning stoves. Local delivery is available for all firewood & Logs.

We also keep and supply bees from our Apiary along with natural honey “straight from the hive” which is available seasonally.