Chicken Feed

Denmead Poultry - We stock a full range of Poultry Feeds & Accessories. Denmead Poultry supply the mainstay of chicken feeds such as Layers Pellets, Layers Mash and Mixed Corn etc.

We also supply Growers Pellets & Chick Crumbs, Flint Grit, Oyster Shell & Mealworms etc.

Alongside our wide range of chicken feeds we stock lots of accessories to help keep your hens in tip-top condition.

Mite powders, Apple Cider Vinegar, Scaly Leg treatment, Mite sprays, feeders, waterers, troughs, scoops & mouse traps etc.

Over the coming year we are planning on expanding our stock to make sure we always carry a fully comprehensive range of goods that caters for all poultry keepers and their flock’s needs.

Denmead Poultry offers good quality items at good prices to all our customers.

Denmead Poultry is located on the outskirts of the beautiful village of Denmead in Hampshire, within easy reach of many local towns and villages and only a short distance from the A3 and M27.

Logs are also available for those of you with open fires or wood burning stoves. Local delivery is available for all firewood & Logs.

We also keep and supply bees from our Apiary along with natural honey “straight from the hive” which is available seasonally.