Bees & Honey

Natural Honey, Keeping Bees, Honey For Sale, Buy Natural Honey At Denmead Poultry we keep an Apiary of bees that produce wonderful natural honey which is extracted and sold in 1lb jars. (available seasonally)

We also breed bees and queens to make new nucleus hives that are allowed to establish themselves before we offer them for sale to our customers.

Keeping bees is a fascinating and rewarding experience for every bee-keeper. It allows us to realise just how important bees are. Without bees the earth would suffer dramatically and there would be a world shortage of many common food crops.

Keeping Bees For Honey - Honey For Sale - Starter Bees For BeginnersIn recent years the humble bee population has suffered major losses due to a wide range of ecological factors and chemicals that are sometimes applied to plants and crops.

Keeping bees not only rewards us with plenty of superb honey, it also helps us to engage directly with nature in an “up close & personal” way. It is amazing what us mere humans can learn from the ever humble honey bee.

Denmead Poultry is located on the outskirts of the beautiful village of Denmead in Hampshire, within easy reach of many local towns and villages and only a short distance from the A3 and M27.

Logs are also available for those of you with open fires or wood burning stoves. Local delivery is available for all firewood & Logs.

We also keep and supply bees from our Apiary along with natural honey “straight from the hive” which is available seasonally.